The Monchy Combined School is situated in the north of the island. It was formally opened on Sunday 07th January 1951.  It was the third of three primary schools that were built by the British Government in St. Lucia. At that time schools were built by the religious organizations in the country. The Roman Catholic Church provided the land on which the Monchy Primary School is built. The church purchased it from a local family and it was agreed that the church would be responsible for the management of the school.

To date, eight principals and more than one hundred teachers have served the school. The school presently has a roll of two hundred and twenty students. Among the sixteen members of Teaching Staff, fourteen are females. Two janitors, a caretaker, three watchmen and a cook make up the ancillary staff of the school.

School and community need to collaborate more for the betterment of the students. If we are able to implement our S. I. P., it will sure assist in changing the image of the school and assist in improving students academically and in other areas.

The school utilizes the national curriculum in their daily teaching and learning process. As a result, students are exposed to Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Health & Family Life, Music, Physical Education, French and Information Technology. Our Co-curricular programme consists of swimming, Bible Club, Agriculture, Home Economics, Karate, Tennis, Cricket and Football.