“64 years and still going strong”

Since its opening in 1951, the school’s population continues to grow, because of it being a more favourable choice by the community.  Each year the School enrolls approximately two hundred and thirty (230) students and prides itself in promoting discipline, extra curricula activities and academic achievement.

Monchy is a community of rich cultural heritage and naturally, the Monchy R.C. Combined School is deeply involved in activities such as the La Rose Festival, folk music and dances.

  • The Transitional Phase

The school once called the ‘Monchy R.C. Combined School’ in 1951 has evolved overtime into the ‘Monchy RC Primary School’ in 2011. The school is a dominant powerhouse in District One’s Sports winning 8 out of the last 10 championships.

Our School also had a change in the School’s Crest which reflected a  bit of what it represented:


Monchy Primary (old) logo






Monchy Primary logo new







As the school continues to chart it course it encourages participation from different sectors of the community. In that regard, the School will introduce a wide variety of events, including culture, sports, performance and conservation activities, as well as lectures and debates on pertinent issues affecting its success.

The School is gratified for the foundation which was set by the first Head Teacher ‘Mr. Cliffton Huntley’ from the establishment and continues to look forward to the support of friends, parents and past students as it strives to pursue excellence.