Anansi’s Challenge 2nd Place Winners Again

The Anansi’s Challenge academic game show is a competition held among grade 6 students from primary schools round the island. The contest comprise categories such as ” Ambush – usually based on general knowledge, Mathematics, English Language, General Science and Social Studies” with 2 participants from per school. There are three rounds in the contest; winners from each group qualifies to the semi-finals and the winners there then move to the final round.

The Anansi’s Challenge  Finals  was held on Tuesday March 31st 2015 at the HTS Showroom. In the competition were four schools namely: Monchy Primary, Delcer Combined, Dennery Primary and Vide Boutielle Primary.

Monchy Primary was hoping to make it one better from their 2013 2nd place in the Finals with Lovelle Mottley and Janique Raymond (presently at St. Joseph’s Convent and St. Mary’s College respectively) to being eventual champs in 2015.

After a tough but steady competition, the guns from the south walked away victorious (Delcer Combined), with Monchy Primary placing second.Our two (2) representatives were Wilfred Flood and Daniel Doxilly. GREAT JOB GUYS!!!!!!!Anansi's Challenge rsz_dsc01324 rsz_dsc01333

National Pride

In observance of Independence Day 2015, under the theme, “THE JOURNEY” the teachers and students of the Monchy Primary School participated in a “PLI BELLE CHAM” competition among the various rooms or spaces used by staff i.e. the office, classrooms, verandah, DICT lab, kitchen, etc. The idea of the competition was to get each room / space in the school decorated in the national colours which would later be judged by members of the community.

Both teachers and students came out well clad  in their national wear or national colours depictions to be judged best wear.

Independence Fever rsz_img_0049 bc

The School Gets a Facelift

On March 15th-18th,2015 the Monchy Primary School was greeted with a group of Catholic University students from Mid USA named FOCUS.They embarked on a mission of giving the school a facelift. Finally, with much consultation they decided to create a mural. WELL DONE GROUP FOCUS!!!!!!!!

Team Focus and the Facelift rsz_dsc01302


Schools throughout the year, have to continues find creative means of ensuring that adequate resources are made available where there is a shortfall from government.

On Thursday June 18th, 2015, the school  organized a fundraising activity to help with the purchase of ink for the printing of ‘End of Year Assessment’. This fundraising took place in the form of a dress down and pizza sale for which each student  made a financial contribution.

Thanks for your usual co-operation Staff, Parents and Students.

Grade 1 in dress down ware
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